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During our Autumn Term 1, we studied World War 2 as our Year 3/4 topic. We looked at key figures such as Hitler and Churchill and their similarities and differences. We also looked at maps to help us understand the the Allies and the Axis Powers and learned all about key events during the war. We also studied some of the interesting machines such as aircraft and tanks that were used! To get us really excited about this topic we took a trip to Eden Camp!

Our trip to Eden Camp


We investigated the different types of weapons used. We were surprised at how heavy they were and difficult to manouvre!


We looked at the different types of machinery used during World War 2. Some of it was huge, even bigger than us!


Here we were experiencing how it felt to sit in a Morrison Shelter during an air raid. It was a bit of a tight squeeze!


We also looked inside an Anderson Shelter. This was a little more roomy but still not particularly comfortable!

WW2 Rationing

During our topic we investigated rationing. We then baked some carrot cookies using a rationing recipe.