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PE Personal Challenge

Each term during PE we have the opportunity to challenge ourselves on two Athletics events chosen by our PE Coordinators in school. Our aim is to beat our scores from the previous term, we can even score points for our Sports Houses!

Speed Bounce Practise

First, we practised our speed bounces over silicone stips on the floor. This got our muscles warmed up and our brains thinking and ready for the task in hand!

Speed Bounce

Then we completed our Speed Bounce Challenge! One of the Sports Ambassadors timed 30 seconds on a stop watch whilst another counted our jumps. The aim was to complete as many jumps from one side of the Speed Bounce mat as we could in 30 seconds. A top score of 54 was reached in the class!

Standing Long Jump

We also competed in a Standing Long Jump Challenge. Here we stood with our toes behind the line and jumped as far as we could with two feet together. We saw some tremendous jumps in Class Six!