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The day we met Jam the T Rex.

We were so surprised to see a T Rex come out of the PE cupboard! His friend Joe told us lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs, including the fact that the first T Rex skeleton found was called Sue after the lady who found it! 

We found out that a T Rex had a very good sense of smell. Even when Felix bravely covered Jam's eyes, Jam could still find who was hiding a tasty beef crisp behind his back.

Dinner Time!

Jam showed us how a T Rex would swoop to eat and how he would tear his food because his teeth were blunt. We were very glad that Jam wasn't hungry! 

Green Screen filming.

Later in the morning Sam helped us to make a scary movie telling the story of a day walking in the jungle and being chased by a dinosaur. We thought up words to describe how we might feel if we were being chased and how we might move to get away! 

Scary movie stills