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Our Church School

We are a Church of England School firmly rooted in the basic tenets of Christianity, however, our approach is all-encompassing and children from all Christian denominations, other faiths and no faith are equally welcome.

RE in our school is intended to support pupils in considering and responding to important questions related to their own spiritual development, the development of values and attitudes and fundamental questions concerning the meaning and purpose of life.

As well as giving learners opportunities to develop concepts and skills that will help them to make sense of their own experiences and beliefs, it should help them to understand and be accepting of the beliefs and practices of members of all faith communities. We encourage tolerance and respect for other cultures and faiths, acknowledging that our pupils are part of a multi-cultural society.

We use the LA Agreed Syllabus as our scheme of work and establish meaningful links with the other subjects of the curriculum. Our aim is to ignite a curiosity to learn about religion that will help children understand about faiths, beliefs and how religion has influenced both the development of mankind and the society in which we live.



Our Objectives

  1. To help all children develop an understanding of religion, faith and belief.
  2. To enable children to learn about key religious leaders and their impact on our lives.
  3. To develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the growth, development and influence of Christianity and other world faiths on history, society and our lives today.
  4. To question religion and discern the positive and negative elements.
  5. To develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding.
  6. To develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed for integration in a multicultural and multi faith society.

Our Christian Values

Respect, Friendship, Forgiveness, Justice, Generosity and Perseverance

We had our most recent SIAMs (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspection on 22nd January 2016. Staff, governors and children were extremely pleased with the results, as we were graded OUTSTANDING in all areas! Take a look at the full report by following the link below.