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Collective Worship

At Humberston C of E Primary School we always seek to reflect in our worship the Christian foundation of the school and its care for all who work here. Children are helped to understand the meaning of Christian worship and we hope that believers will be able to share in it and that others of no faith will reach the 'threshold of worship'.

Our central aims of collective worship (as detailed in the Diocesan guideline) are to:

  • Enable children and staff to explore and celebrate the differences and diversity found in the variety of forms of worship in the Anglican Christian tradition.
  • Lead the school community to the ‘threshold of worship’ in order for them to make an informed choice about their own involvement and to consider their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Seek to deepen and widen the experience of those of ‘faith’ and encourage those of ‘no faith’ so that they begin to feel for themselves something of what it means to worship.
  • Use celebration, silence, reflection, contemplation, prayer, song, symbols and imagery as vehicles for worship and spiritual growth.
  • Provide opportunities for the whole school community to address God directly through Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit through acknowledging his presence, reflecting upon his character and giving Him praise and honour.
  • Use a vocabulary of worship that encourages the whole school community to attend, participate and lead worship.
  • Encourage all present to explore their own beliefs and understanding of God within a Christian framework by learning more about the Christian faith and by encountering Christ through worship.
  • Raise awareness through reflection of the questions of life relating to matters of faith.
  • Reaffirm, strengthen and practise key Christian values. (e.g. love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, self giving) and celebrate each unique individual member of the school community as made in the image of God.
  • Nurture and encourage respect and care for God's created world by promoting a positive attitude to environmental issues locally, nationally and globally.



The children are given the oportunity to participate in worship in a range of contexts. We have whole school Collective Worship several times a week, a class worship once a week, a Celebration worship each Friday and a Choral Worship every Wednesday. We make frequent visits to our local church and are lucky enough to have frequent visitors such as Reverend Susan and Christian Youth Worker Margaret Dellar, who provide our chilren with a wealth of theological knowledge and understanding of the Bible and Worship.