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Skills for Life

As a staff we agreed upon a set of specific skills that we would like to equip our children with over the course of their primary school careers.

Workplace and Organisational Skills

The children are provided with opportunities to take on a variety of roles which are designed to help them to develop an understanding of the requirements of the world of work such as being reliable, responsible and able to use their initiative. These include classroom based roles such as class leader / helper and table monitors. 

Wider school roles such as Playground Buddies, Collective Worship Councillors, Librarians and Reading Buddies are advertised and children are required to complete an application form and attend interview. 

Children also take on different roles within our Enterprise projects which are held twice each year. 

Home Skills

Skills such as being able to shop, plan and prepare a simple meal, make a bed, carry out cleaning tasks etc are practised at an age appropriate level.

Self Care

Self care skills are taught as part of the PHSCE and Science curricula and include ways to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Environmental Awareness

Activities to promote environmental awareness are designed to help the children to develop a sense of responsibility for their local and the wider environments.

Social Skills

Collaboration, communication and compassion for others form a core part of the school curriculum.