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Jobs and Responsibilities

There are many ways in school that we hope will help the children to become aware of the requirements of the world of work. 

We have a jobs display board in the school hall. When job vacancies become available, they are advertised on this board showing children the hours they will be expected to work, their roles and responsibilities, the qualities we are looking for in the applicant and their pay (terrific tickets).

Children then complete application forms and are considered for the role. They are invited to interview and given feedback as to why they have or have not been succesful in their application. Once appointed, the children are expected to be self motivated to complete their tasks to the best of their ability. As with any job in the real world, the children are expected to give notice if they wish to leave their job to pursue another venture. All of these processes teach the children about the world of work preparing them for their future.

We are always pleased to receive a high number of applicants for each job. 

These are the types of roles that are available to the children:

  • School Gardeners
  • Play Leaders
  • Playground Buddies
  • Poppy and Red Nose Sales
  • Library Monitors
  • Christmas Post
  • Key Stage 1 Reading Buddies 

In addition there are a range of class based roles which are allocated to the children on a weekly basis.