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Electro-City Lego Workshop

In Key Stage 1 we have really enjoyed learning all about Lego this week.

We started our exciting day by designing and making our own houses. 

We had to think carefully about what we wanted our houses to look like and had even more fun creating our own gardens for our Lego homes. Some included garden sheds and trampolines!

We added a battery and wires to our houses to create an electrical circuit. 

At the end of the morning it was time to turn off the lights in the hall so that we could see our full Lego City all lit up. We were very proud of what we had created as a team. 

"When we walked into the hall and saw all the Lego we were so excited!"- Ronny-Mae and Isabelle. 


"My favourite part was when we turned all the lights off in the hall so that we could see our houses lit up!"- Finley.