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Autumn Term Topics

Years 5 and 6

Back to the 80s!

All children in Years 5 and 6 had a fun filled 80s themed afternoon where the teachers came to school in their best 1980s outfits that gave all of the children a giggle. The children explored games, music and dance as an introduction to the topic day. Throughout the topic, the children explored in detail what life was like in the 1980s. Whilst this is a relatively short time ago, the children were amazed to learn about the early technological devices such as cassette players and mobile phones without a camera. We had fun in the Den pitching our 1980's inventions to the Dragons and we have used persuasive features of writing to encourage people to invest in our products.We invetsigated the miner's strikes and looked at Margaret Thatcher's influence during the 1980s. 

Light it Up!

Throughout this Science based topic, we have learnt about electrical circuits and light and dark. 

Music Makers

Years 3 and 4

Wild Animals

We enjoyed a wonderful day at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park where we were able to see first hand and handle a range of different animals. We have been learning about animals and their physical features including their skeleton and how they adapt to their environment. 


We learnt about the devestating events that led to the sinking of Titanic. We have written some wonderful newspaper reports about this tragic event and have held discussions and debates about who was to blame for the loss of so many lives. We have created some beautiful artwork inspired by the structure of Titanic. 

Pop Star Music

Throughout this topic, we will learn about sound including how different pitches are created and how sound travels. We will learn about the history of music and compare modern day music with music from the past. 

Years 1 and 2

Under the Sea

The children were fascinated to discover the variety of life living under the sea. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Deep Aquarium where we took part in a range of workshops about marine life. 


Our topic began with our teachers being transformed into mad scientists and we held an inventor's day where we learnt all about inventions. We compared modern day inventions with inventions from the past. We focussed particularly on two inventors, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. 


Games from the Past

We had a lovely afternoon with our grandparents playing games from the past and would like to thank the grandparents for their participation in this event. 

Early Years

Our first topic at school was called 'Marvelous Me' where we learned about our similarities and differences and how we are all special. We explored our lives including our family, pets and hobbies.