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Our Enterprise stall 

This was our Class 9 Enterprise stall. We worked hard as a class to make eye catching posters to encourage our customers to buy our products. 


In Class 9 we chose to make yummy shortbread biscuits and a range of Christmas cards. Here is a picture of the boys in action, we looked at the skills of weighing ingredients, rolling out the pastry and cutting the pastry into a range of Christmas shapes. 


Last term we focused on the topic of light. We made our own lighthouses in teams. We looked at how to make a successful structure that would support a working electrical circuit. We made them in teams and worked together using our teamwork skills to make a range of amazing lighthouses. 

Our Walk Through The Bible 

 We have had an exciting experience in Class 9. We have had Mrs Dellar visit us in class to take us through the Bible. Mrs Dellar used a range of resources to engage with the children and as a class we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, especially using role play to retell the biblical stories. 

Our Walk Through The Bible