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Recently, we found a huuuuuuuge egg in our classroom!

After using our magnifying glasses and talking to our friends, we decided it must be a dinosaur egg, and we were right! The next day Miss McCoid showed us a video of a gigantic T-Rex creeping through our classroom after we'd all gone home!

We learnt so much about dinosaurs in this topic, and had the opportunity to measure footprints and dig for bones in the mud like real paleontologists.


We recently enjoyed celebrating Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas. 

We talked about the traditions we have when celebrate and how these are similar or different to how other groups of people celebrate.

We had a Diwali week in which we tried some Indian foods, danced to Indian music and created some beautiful Rangoli patterns. 

A Hindu pupil in our school kindly visited our classroom to show us some items from home and speak about their religion. 



We are looking forward to learning all about London!

Paddington Bear is going to show us some of the landmarks, and we will explore events such as the Great Fire of London.