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Maths Area

We love using our maths area to practise  a range of skills. 

We use our interactive display to support our learning.

Reading Area

We enjoy spending time in the reading area with a good book!

Now that we have learnt some phonics we are beginning to read words by ourselves.

Writing Area

We love drawing and writing at our Writing Island. 


Our Brightest Work

This is where we display the work that we are most proud of!

Our Reflection Area

It's important to us to have some quiet time to reflect.

We like to act out our own worships and say prayers to God here.

Marvellous Me

We have spent lots of time this term talking about ourselves and how we are special.

We've painted self portraits and looked closely at how we are similar and different to our friends.

Just like Elmer the elephant, we are all unique!