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I am a pupil, get me out of here!

In class 9 this term we are looking forward to learning about our topics. We are very excited to start learning lots of mapping skills to locate regions of Europe and the Americas in our 'I'm a pupil get me out of here!' topic. This will also include describing the life cycles of the animals we find in the style of David Attenborough. Next we are going to learn about Greek Mythology and how this influenced people's lives. This will include reading Greek Myths and writing a character description of a Mythical creature. In the final two weeks our topic is 'Futuristic', we will be thinking about what the future could look like. In order to do this we will consider the Internet and how this has changed our everyday lives in such a short time.

             Reading Shack

Here we are enjoying our new reading shack, reading some Bear Grylls adventure stories. We can't wait to write our own adventure stories and learning writing techniques which writers use to create suspense. 


As you can see we enjoy any opportunity we have to enjoy a good book in our reading shack.