What are we looking at developing and improving in P.E?

Continued developments in PE opportunities at Humberston Church of England Primary School:

  • To develop links and support from the Schools Sports Partnership and Secondary schools.
  • Provide a wide range of competition opportunities, e.g. indoor athletics competition, cross-country competition, multi-skills festivals, tag-rugby tournament.
  • Provide Gifted and Talented opportunities for children.
  • Provide relevant CPD opportunities.
  • Provide training and specialist coaches to encourage those children who do not participate in after school sports clubs to develop an interest in PE and sport.
  • Provide a range of clubs run by qualified teachers or coaches. These clubs provide links with clubs in the town, e.g. football, netball, cricket. 
  • To develop the school planning and assessment tool to ensure progression in skills and build staff confidence and skills to deliver outstanding PE which will be fully aligned to the New National Curriculum.
  • To develop leadership and fulfilling sustained activity at playtime. 

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