Our Curriculum

Our Exciting Curriculum

With the introduction of the New National Primary Curriculum in 2014, it was the ideal opportunity for us to revitalise our areas of learning and include the children in the decision making process. As we are always looking for ways to move forwards with our practices, we have worked very hard on our curriculum to ensure the children get as much input into the topic choices as possible. As a result, we have decided to follow a project based learning approach where the children change their topics frequently. This allows for breadth and depth of learning as the children are able to study a vast variety of areas of interest to them. 

Throughout each term, the children will put forward suggestions for topics to study. We will be very responsive to the interests of the children and have the flexibility to explore topics related to current affairs. 


To ensure progress is measurable, each subject coordinator has developed a long term plan and a skills based planning and assessment document for their subject which clearly outlines the progression that the children will follow. This enables the teachers to plan work that is suited to the individual needs of the children and to assess each child's level of attainment in every subject. 

Educational Visits and Visitors

We place a high level of importance on school visits and try to have a visit each term as we believe they bring our topics to life. Our children in KS2 have already enjoyed a trip to the Lincolnshire Life museum and KS1 have had a Lego workshop where they worked collaboratively to build a city with working electronic lights.